Tuesday, July 21, 2015

American Weekends Away

I tell everyone who emails me about moving to DC that you really don't need a car to get around town, but we've had my sister's car all summer and we've totally been taking advantage of that for adventures! From Baltimore to the Shenandoahs and everything in between - the dog beach near Annapolis, St. Michael's out on the Eastern Shore, Charlottesville for the 4th, Gunpowder State Park last weekend - we've gone day tripping all over the DMV. We'll lose the car in a few weeks, when Sarah goes back to law school in North Carolina after having spent three months clerking with a judge in Boston, and I'm so glad we've made the most of Jon's first summer in America like this.

We've got one more little road trip to the beach in mind, but our adventures after August will have to be slightly less spontaneous than they have been since Memorial Day Weekend (partly because of the car situation but partly also because of changing work obligations). Last night Jon and I sat down with a calendar to figure out where we can explore between now and Christmas. Here's what we've got so far:

September: Litchfield, CT to see my grandparents

October: Ithaca, NY to visit my friend Rob, who's doing a semester abroad at Cornell from LSE

November: Portland, OR for a wedding

Plus, we'll probably spend at least one weekend in NYC and I'm dying to head up to Philadelphia to see my friend Hannah and her family. (Don't tell Jon, but I also want to bring him to the City of Brotherly Love because of all the Revolutionary War history. I'm mean, dear readers; I know.) Thanksgiving is going to be in DC and Christmas - well, that's still up in the air a bit. It'll be a different season of travel than this summer has been, but that's okay. After all, we'll be settling into Jon's second year as a legal US resident, and I'm sure that will be its own adventure!

And, since I haven't yet shared photos from our day in St. Michael's from when Alex visited a few weeks ago... voilĂ !

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