Betsy Transatlantically chronicles the life and lifestyles of an American re/expatriate with one foot in Washington, DC and the other in London. While this blog began as a resource for other Anglophiles and expats, it has become so much more - from style to recipes to wedding planning to running and beyond!

My readership is loyal and engaged, and I am proud of and humbled by the relationships I have built with my followers. I believe that blogging should be satisfying for both blogger and reader, and am committed to providing quality content to everyone who visits Betsy Transatlantically. Additionally, I maintain an active presence across social media.

I am always open to working with blogs and brands that match my ethos, so please email me at to discuss sponsorship options if you’re interested in collaborating on a project. Please note that some old posts contain affiliate links, though no new posts will include any (beginning May 7).

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