Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Sunday Currently IX

Edited: I drafted this post a few hours ago and then, in a stroke of [expletive] clumsiness, deleted the whole thing.  It's published here as it was written then as comprehensively as I can remember, though the timings don't quite work anymore.  Sorry!

I was about to type good morning, dear readers, but then I looked at the clock and realized it's just gone 2pm!  It's just that kind of Sunday, I guess.  So shall we jump right into another edition of the Sunday Currently?  Yes, let's.


reading... The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman.  Actually, I'm not yet; I'll stop at Politics and Prose tomorrow to pick it up in hard copy.  I react so viscerally to Gaiman's writing that I have to read his novels - and short stories; I revisit Fragile Things regularly - physically, using as many senses as possible, so I want to feel the book in my hands as I devour through the pages.

writing... a big blog post for tomorrow!  I'll be announcing some new things for Betsy Transatlantically, so make sure you check back.

listening... to the playlist I made earlier this morning.  That doesn't sound like a big deal but it is; I usually psych myself out when making mixes because I start off with grand plans and then convince myself that I don't know any cool music and so end up listening to the same old albums on shuffle.  This time, though, I set myself some parameters and created a playlist of Simon and Garfunkel covers! What do you think?

thinking... about how close we are to our wedding day - 61 days now!  I can't wait.  We've been engaged (and long distance) for over a year now and the planning is almost all done, and I just want to celebrate with our friends and family.  Plus, the sooner we get married the sooner we can apply for Jon's visa!

smelling... wet dog.  We got caught in a biblical downpour on our run this morning, and Charlie loves being toweled off but the smell lasts long beyond the actual damp.

wishing... that people would realize that life isn't a zero-sum game.  You can do well and I can do well at the same time, and my success does not make your success any less.  Okay?  Great

hoping... that we have decent weather for Jon's cousin's visit this week!  Rose is staying with us in DC for a few days before a conference in deepest Virginia, and the forecast predicts humidity and temperatures in the low 90s the whole time.  Yikes!

wearing... my glasses more consistently and less grumpily.  I still prefer my contacts, but I've been good about not wearing them too much after my scare last summer.  The optometrist gave me a 90 day supply of dailies last September and I only ran out in May, so I'm really proud of how I've been taking care of my eyes over my vanity!

loving... the raspberry chocolate chip scones I made last night for brunch today.  I adjusted the recipe and need to make more tweaks for them to be perfect - maybe you can help me figure out how?  The recipe called for 2 oz of chocolate chips and 3/4 cup of raspberries, and (obviously) I mixed in 10 oz of chocolate chips and 1.5 cups of raspberries.  All the juice from the amazingly ripe berries made the dough sto sticky that I added at least half a cup of extra flour while I was kneading it, and they came out tasting a little... floury.  They were delicious, but they could be better!  What should I do next time?

wanting... to see my sister.  She texted me early this morning before her 10k race, and I suddenly missed her.  She's coming down from Boston in six weeks for my bachelorette party, but Charlie and I are heading to Mom and Dad's tonight and it makes me sad that she won't be there.

needing... to get rid of Charlie's favorite toy.  It's an rubber squeaky ball that we've had for months - he doesn't really like balls, but he's crazy about anything that squeaks and I guess that wins out.  His squeaky stuffed animals aren't too annoying and, anyway, he tears them apart pretty quickly, but this ball is so offensively invasive and so indestructible that I'm going to have to "accidentally" leave it at the dog park or at my parents' house.

clicking... on just my laptop!  The camera on my iPhone fogged up from all the rain on my run this morning, so I've thrown it in a bag of rice to draw out the moisture.  It's shocking how bereft I feel without my phone even while on my laptop!

feeling... like this has been the perfect weekend, with just the right mix of relaxation, adventure, and catching up with friends.  I hope you had a lovely weekend too, dear readers!

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  1. i'm excited to give your S & G playlist a listen. i psych myself out on playlists too. i always imagine them being this perfectly constructed piece of artwork, & - in a panic of falling short - never complete them. i've been getting better about just going with my gut & publishing the darn things. it's worth it :)

    i don't wear my contacts every day, either, because my eyes don't bode well with a foreign object being stuck into them each & every day. they really appreciate it when i give them the day off & go with glasses.


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