Friday, June 21, 2013

Frock Fridays: American Bachelorette Party

Happy summer, dear readers!  And while this summer isn't all about my upcoming wedding - I mean, it is, like, 90% but not entirely - this outfit is not only perfect for the mid-atlantic at this time of year, it's also ideal for my American bachelorette party!

My sister has been a total rockstar about planning this weekend away even though she's has so much on her own plate in the last few months.  When she asked me what I had in mind, back in early spring, I suggested a low-key weekend on the Eastern Shore with the girls; my real request, though, was a crab feast dinner.

See, I'm actually having two bachelorette parties.  The first, chronologically, will be when I'm in London in a few weeks and it's being organized by Ellie, Jon's sister and my bridesmaid.  (You'll get a Frock Fridays for that, too!)  So I wanted the second one, in August in the States, to be quintessentially American.  That might mean Vegas to you, with white tablecloths and low lighting and fancy cocktails and bandage dresses and super high heels and dancing at a club where you might see a Kardashian, but to this DC girl it means a trip out to the Eastern Shore.

We'll be right near the beach, so I'm pretty sure that we'll fit in some swimming and sunning, but we'll also be close to the outlets just in case it rains.  And, of course, the Saturday night will be all about blue crabs and Old Bay and corn on the cob and maybe even some Eastern Shore martinis!  I've started thinking about what I'll pack for the weekend, obviously - besides a cute one-piece and some cover-ups, I think the outfit below is perfect for a fun evening over a picnic table with plenty of napkins!  The tiara is my one pice of bachelorette-ness, but otherwise it's eyelet and neon all the way.

bachelorette - US
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  1. I'd take the soft shell crabs and corn on the cob over a bandage dress in Vegas any day.


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