Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Sunday Currently V

Good morning, dear readers! Did you remember to change your clocks? We did but Charlie didn't, so actually I think we somehow didn't quite lose an hour. I'm not sure how that works mathematically - please let's not overthink it - but now it's coffee and cheerios and the Sunday Currently until a dear family friend comes over for brunch!


reading The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris by David McCullough.  When we think of American pioneers in the 19th century, we think of heading west, armed with plows and guns and mining picks and manifest destiny.  But just as important for the evolution of the United States were those who traveled east to Paris - artists, writers, doctors, politicians, and others - and came back home to shape American history with what they had learned.  McCullough is an amazing storyteller and these lives leap off the page; I'm practically in Paris with them as I read.

writing a couple of incredibly personal blog posts about faith to publish in the next few weeks.  At first, I'd thought that maybe I could turn the last one into a link-up, but I realized after discussing it with some friends that not everyone's comfortable talking about what they believe in online, especially if it doesn't conform with what their families or communities profess.  But I need to write this out for myself - it's baptism by the pen, if you will - and I do hope it will make others feel less alone.  (If you are interested in joining, email me!)

listening to the "folk rock" station on Grooveshark.  I don't actually know what that means, but it's got Cat Stevens, Mumford & Sons, and Bob Dylan, among others, and is perfect for a Sunday morning!

thinking about the bad dream I had last night.  I haven't had a nightmare like that in years - don't you eventually grow out of them?  But I literally woke up in tears because it was so sad and scary.  Happily, most of the details are fading now, but I still remember how awful it felt while I was caught in it.

smelling bacon frying.  Can brunch start now, please?

wishing April 20th would hurry up and get here already so I can hop on that plane and go to London to see Jon!  This spell of long distance is not one of our best...

hoping that the sun and warmth will stick around - if the arrival of spring is interrupted by another cold spell, I will yell at someone.  (If you want to see what this season is like in DC, follow me in Instagram!  I'm going a bit sun/flowers/leaves crazy over there.)

wearing my beautiful and clean David Yurman ring again, thanks to my mother!  I had put it in one of those tubs of silver polish liquid on Friday night... and then forgot about it until Saturday morning and it was totally oxidized.  (Turns out I shouldn't have used that product in the first place because the gold in the ring interacts badly with the chemicals - oops.)  But Mom used one of those tricks that they teach at Mommy School and it's now good as new.

loving that Jenna and Jay are usually the first two commenters on almost every post I publish.  Their responses are so sweet and thoughtful, and it makes me feel like all is right with the world when I hear the ping of my email in the morning and it's Disqus telling me that these girls have left me some love.

wanting to be running again!  I hurt my foot back in February, just when I started training for the 10k I have next weekend, and haven't been out in three weeks.  To be honest, I didn't do anything for my foot or talk to anyone about it because I didn't think I was hardcore enough to have a running injury, but then Megan told me that it's really easy to break your foot and I should be careful.  (So the moral of the story is: I wasn't hardcore, and I hurt myself anyway.  Typical.)  It had been feeling better and I was looking forward to lacing up my sneakers this weekend, but I did a lot of walking yesterday and it's sore again.  Maybe I can try just a little run today?  I really don't want to pull out of the race!

needing to stay on the My Fitness Pal wagon.  Since I recorded my vlog back in late January, I plateaued and then gained three pounds back.  In the last week, I was (mostly) good about logging my food/drink intake and I can already see a difference on the scale.  Yes, ingesting 500 calories a day for two days a week every week will make you lose weight because - shocker - that's what severely restricting will do for anyone, but it's obvious that, for me, the healthy and sustainable way to take care of my body and soul is to be mindful of what I'm eating.

feeling a bit schizophrenic about officially getting married.  I'm veering between totally stressed because there's nothing I can do to move things along and totally zen because there's nothing I can do to move things along.  Just to clarify, this has nothing to do with our wedding, which I'm pretty blissed out about right now; the bureaucratic hoops we have to jump through to legally become husband and wife in the UK are just a complete headache and we seem to be having more trouble with the visa/license process than we'd expected for some reason.

clicking on Paris in Four Months, a blog I discovered recently that gorgeously chronicles a Swedish woman's new life in the City of Light.  Her photos are amazing and her story really does seem charmed.  Don't even get me started on her Instagrams... they make me desperate to go back!

linking up with siddathornton today


  1. I need to get back on track with myfitnesspal too! I feel like my 2013 diet has not gone too well so far. Look forward to reading your faith posts - I am personally an atheist, but find it very interesting to read about faith and what others believe.

    That Paris in Four Months blog is amazing! I am currently going through my Paris photos from last week and I desperately want to return now! I feel her photos are rather superior to mine....

  2. You're actually one of the first to comment on my blog posts! It makes me smile every time. I don't know what your nightmare was about, but I know that I had them at least once a week while I was planning my wedding. Thankfully it stopped after the wedding but they were so hard!

  3. Glad we put a smile on your face and thanks for the lovely comment about my comments ;)

    Looking forward to your upcoming posts on religion - it's a brave step to put those personal things out there!

  4. Thanks for the love! I always look forward to your posts like clockwork - they're the perfect way to start my evening :) And I'm excited for your posts on faith, I'm currently working through the same in a meta-theory course for masters and would normally love to collaborate with you - just super swamped with work at the moment :/ Perhaps later in the year?


  5. I'm so ready for the weather to stay the same...that is...staying warm. Ill be up in MD in 2 weeks and really don't want to pack sweaters or coats

  6. Well, now my Paris fantasies have been reawakened! That book sounds really interesting and has officially been added to my must-read-soon wishlist. And that blog! Those photos! Swoons all around!

  7. I mean, I think that most atheists believe in SOMETHING even if it's not a higher power! that's sort of the point of the posts... it's time for me to stop being ashamed of what I believe in just because it doesn't have a label. I hope it starts some conversations :)

  8. oh YAY! the nightmare was about moving out of my parents' house. my therapist is going to have a field day with it haha

  9. YAY thank YOU! at this point it's sort of scarier not to write about it all now that I've enunciated the thoughts in my own mind, you know?

  10. haha yes I did assume it had something to do with the time differences :) but YES I'd love to discuss later in the year! I'd be interested to hear about your studies if you have time to explain between studies?

  11. I get to throw away my winter coat when the season ends - I've had it for years and it's totally dead - and I cannot WAIT for the ceremonial trashing!

  12. I know! even when it's gray Paris is lovely. let's go :)

  13. Well you have to record the brilliant things you've come up with once you've done all of the work - I'm always mad at myself when I don't and I'm trying to remember much later!

  14. I'm quite intrigued by your belief post, and you've had me thinking about what I might catalogue as a "belief" in my own mind. I decidedly don't fit into any standard religious or spiritual title, but you've had me thinking...
    Your day sounds like it's going to be quite lovely, though, in weather, company, activities, etc.- so enjoy it!

  15. Interested to read your post about faith! And I am with you on the weight loss- I really hope to see a change in my weight this week!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  16. well, you got a sneak peek :P it goes back to that whole thing about blogging opening up my world - I never felt alone in not belonging to a religion until I fell into the lifestyle niche, where the majority of bloggers do have a church!

  17. Paris in Four Months makes my heart hurt. I found her blog a few months back and binged on all of her posts over the span of a few days, and ever since I've just been feeling itchy. I NEED TO GO BACK TO FRANCE.

    I'm curious to read your beliefs post(s)! I swear, I've had a post about religion and living in the South drafted in my head for months now that I have yet to write. maybe you'll inspire me to actually do something about it!

  18. Very energetic post, I loved that bit. Will there
    be a part 2?

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  19. I KNOW. let's go. like, for real. April in Paris? done.

    and about the other thing... I will email you!

  20. folk rock is my favorite genre. it's kinda like country rock but it suits my overall mood rather well. i hear you on wanting to run. I went for a run yesterday and my knee was KILLING me! My GOOD KNEE!!!!

    Also, I broke my foot the night we left for the airport on our honeymoon stepping in a ditch on our front yard. Good story, I should tell it sometime. Hurt like a you know what. I also didn't do anything really about it except wrap it and take pain killer. It took about 2 months to fully heal. But I bet it didn't help that I was hiking in Costa Rica on it. But, things got better and today I have no remnant pain of my broken foot. So it should be back to 100% soon. :)

    Happy Sunday.

  21. Lindsey AugustineMarch 10, 2013 at 8:56 PM

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I feel guilty just reading this because I just made the worst dessert [for you] ever, probably. I can't believe you have to worry about legalities in 2 countries, but it's awesome at the same time. New follower. I can't wait to keep up on your adventure and wedding. xoxo

  22. I could try to participate in your conversation about faith... but I don't know what I believe anymore. 20+ years of Catholic school will do that to you, I think.

    In terms of running, I am sorry your foot is still sore. It could be a stress fracture, but it could just be a sprain. Either way, rest is good. As are doctors, if it comes to that. Of which I am clearly not one.

  23. YOU'RE NOT A DOCTOR? I want my money back.


  24. haha that's okay, dessert is fine, just - everything in moderation (including moderation, as my dad would say!) welcome :)

  25. it's my new favorite thing! the Grooveshark station played mostly '60s bands which is awesome but let me know if you have any suggestions for more modern stuff that counts :)

    oh man - I feel like injuries are okay if you get them doing something dramatic. it's like they're more worth it that way, you know? haha.

  26. i'm looking forward to reading your posts about faith - i am always interested in reading others' perspectives, even though i'm not quite ballsy enough to put my own out there in the blogosphere.

    also: i can't think of a much better station than 'folk-rock' for a sunday morning. i really can't.

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