Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Face Off

Thanks for the amazing feedback on yesterday's post, dear readers; your comments were so encouraging and I got a few lovely private emails as well that confirmed that I'm not alone.  I know that things are often light and frivolous around here, but my sense of this blogging pressure was heavy on my heart and I needed to articulate how I felt.  But since we're already in the zone, shall we continue?  Because today I'd like to talk about something very serious...

... seriously scary, that is!  Just in time for Halloween, let's talk about face masks.

I'm really bad at taking care of my skin.  You know I'm a drugstore girl when it comes to products, but even then I only follow the most necessary steps.  When I deviate from my normal morning routine, I want it to be a cathartic experience -  I want my extra effort to be immediately and physically worthwhile if I go above and beyond simply cleansing and moisturizing.  And I don't know about you, but I think that pulling junk out of your skin is one of most satisfying things a girl can do in the bathroom.

That's why I don't go for face masks that rinse off.  Where's the fun in that?  I want to literally see the difference in my skin which is why, ever since my first BiorĂ© Pore Strip in 7th grade, I've been on the hunt for one that I can examine afterwards for physical proof of success.  (Don't lie; you do it too.  We all do.)

Here's what I've found:

The Freeman Cucumber Facial Peel-Off Mask smelled lovely and dried gently and I felt like I should have been putting it on while wearing pink jammies surrounded by my best girlfriends singing Grease into my hairbrush.  There's definitely a place and time for that sort of thing, but I generally want my mask to be a bit more aggressive.

So I preferred the Simple Deep Cleansing Face Mask, which had more bite to it.  I like feeling my skin tighten slightly while the mask is drying because it assures me that things are happening - but this product is clear and therefore isn't as much fun to use.

That's why the Bliss No Zit Sherlock Break-out Busting Rubberizing Mask is the best I've tried so far.  It looks like cement when you mix it up and gloops on like clay and, as it dries, you lose the ability to move the muscles in your face.  It doesn't feel quite as acidic as the Simple mask, which is probably a healthy thing, but it definitely feels like it is penetrating into my pores.  And then taking if off was a blast - I mean, look at that thing up there!  Awesome.

This is how it works:

And then peel off and examine your beautiful refreshed skin!  To be honest, actually, I don't notice an immediate difference to my face after removing the mask when I do this in the evening, but I can certainly feel it and see it the next morning.

Bath and Body Works has a Purifying Peel Off Face Mask that I want to try, but I don't know of any others - do you have any suggestions, dear readers?  Until then, I'm sticking with Bliss!


  1. I'd try it for the name alone!

  2. haha I know - the marketing team at Bliss is brilliant!

  3. I absolutely love that name- no zit sherlock! I need to find one of those that works as well!

  4. Girl, you look a little naked in the first picture! haha. I totally want to try this mask!

  5. I am wearing a towel, I swear! Man, self-portraits are hard :/

  6. Sounds like some great products!


  7. I have done a face mask before and definitely recommend it. In fact, I was actually a spa lady one year for Halloween and did sport the face mask out haha. Hope you are having a wonderful week.
    Twirling Clare

  8. Haha. This just reminds me of middle school sleepovers. I haven't used a mask since! I'm so nostalgic right now!!! Off to bed... I've got a 5am date with Gold's Gym.... see? I'm sticking with it!!!


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