Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Skincare PSA

American ladies, this one's for you.  (You should already know about this if you're in England's green and pleasant land - if you don't, jump on the bandwagon stat.)

Simple Skincare has come to the United States.

Let me say that again: Simple Skincare has come to the United States.  Woohoo!  Now I won't need to travel back to London for my fix.

I'm totally a drugstore girl when it comes to products for my hair and skin.  I discovered Simple at Boots when I first moved to London, probably because it was on a 3-for-2 deal, and haven't bought any other brand since.  My bathroom now boasts the whole range, for every possible skincare crisis, and I'm here to share my favorites with you.  They're not all available in the US yet, but I'm sure they will be soon - and you'll be ready!

Clear Skin Oil Balancing Exfoliating Wash - I'm still paranoid that I'll break out like a teenager, so this exfoliating wash is perfect for me.  I love the grains because it feels like they're actively cleaning out my pores, but my skin doesn't feel tight after I've washed it off.

Simple Spotless Skin Anti-Blemish Moisturizer - The more protection against scary skin the better!  I generally use this during the summer but also bring it out when I'm feeling extra-oily.  This product goes on so lightly, hydrating throughout the day without adding any shine.

Hydrating Light Moisturizer -  When my skin feels more dry, especially in the winter, I switch to the normal moisturizer because, while it's still sheer, it has a bit more oomph and seems to nourish more thoroughly.

Cleansing Facial Wipes - I use these before bed to wipe the day off my face.  The cloths are unobtrusive, but I always feel completely cleansed afterwards.

Kind to Eyes Nourishing Eye Make-up Remover Cream - The facial wipes get off most of my make-up, but I use this for mascara and liner that won't budge.  A dab of this on a cotton pad swipes off even the darkest and most stubborn eye make-up but is gentle on the sensitive skin around my eyes and feels restorative.

English friends and fellow expats, have you used Simple before?  Americans, let me know if you try the brand!  I know you'll love it as much as I do.


  1. In my 20s I could get away with the drugstore stuff but now that I'm into my 30s, it just takes a lot more. That, and I began spending more to use all natural once I started actually putting my chemistry background to work and researching skin care to see what I was putting on my face. Holy cow!

  2. I am also aging to as well as my body but I don't usually use to believe some unproven choices about forbidden skin care products. It was rooted in my mind that all classification of beauty products were good but people's skins were just like those matching type.

  3. I live in the US but heard about Simple skin care products long ago from an English friend so when I found them at Target a few months back I bought several items and let me tell you...I love them! My bare skin looks great which in turn makes my makeup look even better. I have never seen the point of paying ridiculous sums of of money for beauty products.

  4. They are wonderful - and so inexpensive too! I have very sensitive skin and it is never irritated by Simple products.


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