Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hey Strangers

Just wanted to say a quick hello to all of you who were pointed here by the lovely Megan!  Welcome - I'm so glad you've found Betsy Transatlantically.  Also, thank you for reminding me that my about me and faq pages desperately need updating. Lots of changes have been happening around here recently!  For instance, my boyfriend is now my fianc√© and I've just moved back to my hometown of Washington, DC after an amazing two years living in London.

Take your time, stick around - and please do come back to visit!  Definitely say hello in the comments.  I love meeting new readers!


  1. hello! okay, I'm not entirely new, but I discovered your blog about a week ago and love it. xoxo
    [Treasure Tromp] 

  2. Whoa whoa whoa! How did I miss the engagement?? Congrats!


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