Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Cards

Remember how, in elementary school, you had to send a Valentine's Day card to every member of your class?  We used to make mailboxes out of shoeboxes, decorate them, and set them on our desks in preparation for the onslaught of cartoon-themed perforated cards we'd get.  One child with a particularly organized mother would always have Dove chocolates taped to the card and the child would jam it into his/her classmates' mailboxes, thereby ruining all the hard work of decorating (and, generally, making the rest of the class and their mothers look bad in the process).

I sort of miss those days.

To that end, and because the message I write inside Jon's Valentine's Day card is inevitably sappier than a Nicholas Sparks novel, I try to keep the outside of the cards I buy relatively silly.  For example:

Love can be ridiculous sometimes, and I really do think it's best to embrace that - and celebrate it.  Don't you?

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