Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Musings

When it snows in London, the city panics.  I mean, even the sanest native and the hardiest alien turn to uncontrollable confusion and helplessness the moment snow is forecast.  This tweet is pretty accurate:

Unfortunately, I think the chaos is circular; I think that London can't handle much snow logistically, and so Londoners go into meltdown to prepare, and then the city overloads because the people are breaking from their usual bonds of civility and are fighting over the last loaf of bread in the supermarket.  What a mess!

Originally, we were expecting up to 10cm to arrive on Saturday evening, but ended up with maybe half of that by the time the flakes stopped falling.  The snowfall was beautiful - I was in Putney for a party and came back home early to avoid any nonsense with trains and buses; this photo was taken around 10pm from the Putney rail station:

My walk to Tesco this morning was equally gorgeous.  Since it's marginally warmer today than it was last night (1*c as opposed to -4*c), the snow has started to melt a bit, but I did manage to snap the below photo with my crappy camera on the way.  I wasn't able to take any pictures of my garden because the children have torn it up making snowmen and snowballs and snow angels - they've been having a blast, and I've been having almost as much fun watching!  In the end, though, that's what snow's about: enjoying the magic of nature.  And if public transport is closed and the roads are a mess then, well, it's just another good excuse to stay home and play.

I hope you enjoyed the snow, dear UK readers, and that you had lovely weekends wherever you are!


  1. I'm sure this sounds insane, but I'm so sad that we missed this winter's snow in London! Sure, it's annoying, but it's also an excuse to stay home, eat soup, and avoid work.

  2. Ha! Sounds like LA when it rains. We freak out and stay home (if it's a weekend).


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