Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pre-Christmas Anticipation

Okay, guys, I was really trying to hold off on posting about Christmas - with the exception of this post from 4 October - until Thanksgiving was over, but I'm going to have to jump in to the spirit of things.  Lauren over at Aspiring Kennedy points out that she is living in London and so even though she's American she is exempt from the I-will-not-acknowledge-Christmas-until-Thanksgiving-is-over rule.  I guess I'll have to follow her lead... sigh.

Actually, because Jon and I are heading back to the States for Thanksgiving, I started shopping for holiday presents several weeks ago so that we can bring them home, wrapped and ready.  (There's nothing quite so heartwarming as watching loved ones open the gifts you've selected especially for them!)  Plus, you know, the West End has been lit up for weeks now to celebrate the festive time, and the department store windows have all been transformed into winter wonderlands.

But really, the thing that set me over the edge of reason into the Christmas season - oh, hey, a rhyme! - was hearing an interview with Michael Bublé on BBC Breakfast to promote his new Christmas album.  I can't even... there are no words.  I think I need to take a trip over to iTunes to buy myself a little pre-Christmas present.  I promise I won't start listening to the album until 25 November, but this is definitely necessary.  Don't you think?


  1. You are better then me. I've been listening to christmas music and drinking eggnog since the first so I would so be in heaven right now seeing everything all lit up.
    And you will LOVE the Buble' album it's already a favorite!

  2. Have I pushed the Bob Dylan Christmas album on you yet?? It's HILARIOUS! (him singing Adeste fidelis in his nasty raspy voice is not to be missed!!)

  3. Christmas is so far but I may have to get the album, I love him! Thanks for letting us know :)

  4. Christine - yes you have! I can't take it seriously :)

    Ash - I tried to resist the Bublé, but I have surrendered!

    Andrea - I'm all about spreading the Bublé love now that I have gone over to the dark side, hehe

  5. Ahhh love me some Michael Buble!!!!! Woohoo!!!


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