Sunday, October 2, 2011

An Indian Summer on the Coast

Nothing beats a beautifully warm and sunny weekend in London - nothing, that is, except a beautifully warm and sunny weekend in Suffolk!  Jon and I fled the city for his parents' house on Friday night and have since been enjoying all the pleasures that the countryside, in the full grips of an Indian summer, can offer.

On Saturday, Jon and his mother and I awoke early for morning exertions: he ran, she jogged, and I walked 6km from Aldeburg to Thorpeness and back.  The heat was so unexpected that I found myself sans cardigan and detesting my jeans by at 9am.  Don't worry, though!  I powered through, and captured some glorious photos for you along on the way.

After the walk/jog/run, we were joined by Jon's father and aunt, and we headed out for an afternoon on the boat: we sailed down the River Alde, which is separated from the North Sea only by the narrow Orford Spit.  We picnicked on the water - feasting on brie, paté, shredded roast chicken, baguettes, and green salad - and then floated serenely back to the yacht club.  (The warmth of the day plus several hours of enthusiastic conversation on top of such a delicious lunch exhausted us all, and we read or napped on the return journey.)  It was strange to hop onto the dock at 5pm with the sun already beginning to set; you expect, with temperatures as they are this weekend, longer days, but it is truly October now, no matter what the mercury says, and so the days are already inexorably shorter than we might like.

Dinner last night was a barbeque in the garden, though the air was much chillier without the sun, and today we're back outside, reading, blogging, and soaking up the gloriousness of this meteorological gift.

I hope you're having a splendid weekend, dear readers, whether you're in the country or the city or somewhere inbetween!  May this weather last beyond what we deserve, and may we fully appreciate every moment.

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  1. Wow, those are some gorgeous photos, your weekend sounds beautiful!


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