Friday, September 30, 2011

Frock Fridays

We have recently launched a new season of work both on our main stage and in our studio at my theatre and, on top of that, my boss is very enthusiastic about cultivating prospective donors through entertaining, so I find that we are regularly scheduling an evening event a week.  I do need some new dresses to take me from office mode to hostess mode, but I've unfortunately been living a bit beyond my means for the past few months.  (It's nothing to worry about, though I do need to adjust my attitude towards spending.  I'm working on it!  I think I'll try to do a new updated Cost of Living in London post soon.)

Enter Marks & Spencer.   They consistently have decent clothing at affordable prices; you're not going to head to M&S if you need something on the cutting-edge of fashion, but they do nod to trends in their collections and it's definitely possible to walk out of their stores with a bag full of flattering clothes.  Even if you don't look like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and/or have Ryan Reynolds on your arm...

Today's Frock Fridays is therefore dedicated to Marks & Spencer and the dresses that will seamlessly deliver me from the boardroom to the bar - each for less than £50.


  1. I like these a lot, especially the middle grey one. I recently got a pair of dressy work outfits (i.e. could easily work for evening too) at Oasis for £150 (two dresses, two pairs of shoes, a scarf, and a headband), so you could check there as well.

  2. wow i adore marks and spencer it's great store


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