Sunday, August 7, 2011

Best Sunday Breakfast

As Jon's been moving house this week - he's going from a thirty-minute walk away from me in SW12 to zone four in North London, eek - we've been having trouble finding some quality time together.  I'd love to help him shlep everything across town, but one evening in the (now) old flat mid-clean-up absolutely proved that I was just getting in the way.  But today is ours: we're having a leisurely breakfast together over the Sunday Times, and then we're going to take the last pieces from the Clapham flat up to Finchley.  It'll be the first time I'm seeing his new place.  I hope I'll like it - after all, I plan on spending quite a lot of time there!

We're getting ahead of ourselves, though.  First is breakfast, and I have found the most fun concept ever. Oh, Martha - I hate to love you, but love you I do.  Who else would come up with egg and bacon toast cups?  It's completely simple and yet totally genius.  (American bacon is best for this, obvi.)  Serve with a side of fruit salad; we had avocado slices the first time I made this but today it's going to be cut-up peaches.  (By the way, does anyone know where the UK gets peaches from?  Surely they're not imported from Georgia?  Hm.)

Nom nom nom.  Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!  And please do treat yourselves to a scrummy breakfast - it makes all the difference!


  1. Hah!! Martha totally stole that from me, I used to make those when I was a kid :) Before I quit eating meat, I would make the healthier version of using Canadian bacon as the 'cup' and then dropping the egg in there...lean protein for breakfast.

    As an aside, Finchley isn't too far from me!

  2. Thanks for this recipe, Betsy! I had a bunch of teenagers here after a sleepover, and I made this for them. A tough crowd, but a huge hit!

  3. Those look so good! Now, I want egg and bacon toast cups! And I shall have them...soon. :-)

  4. Why don't The Bennetts know how to spell their own email address??? RH


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