Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Laugh

I was messing around on YouTube - as you do - and came across this very funny Fry and Laurie sketch that I'm not comfortable with my grandparents watching or knowing that I watched but that I do want to share with the rest of my readers.  (Was that sneaky enough?  No?  Darn.)  So, because I'm selectively posting it - in theory - it doesn't count as a Monday Laugh.

But never fear, dear readers, for I found something to make up for the above link!  Hark, I have found a clip that is both funny and educational.  Check it out:

Did you enjoy that?  I hope so, because leaning is fundamental!  Get it?  Fundamental?  Yes?  No?  Not funny?  Oh.  Whoops.  Epic Monday Laugh fail.


  1. OK, that was just awesome. I loved the "WTF?" next to the Canadian money. Some of this I knew.. most of it I didn't know, and a small part of it made me feel stupid. I am totally going to share this post! Watched the Fry and Laurie clip. I love those two! I am a big fan of Hugh Laurie but can't seem to bring myself to watch House... not what I'm used to with him. Maybe one day.

  2. HOLY MOLY. Brit video was excellent!

  3. Kimberly, I think we all learned new things from that video! Don't feel stupid :)

    StowmarKate - right? I barely felt like I was being taught! I just... all of a sudden... knew things!


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