Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Passover Gastronomically

I seem to be taking a bit of a Passover haitus from my normal blogging schedule - I guess I've just been so focused on not being able to eat bread that it has distracted me from all extracurricular pursuits.  But, in honor of Passover and in celebration of my love of cooking even when mostly lacking in carbs, I give you... drumroll please... a nibble about cooking during Passover.

If you don't know, let me tell you: surviving for 8 days without any products containing leavening is hard, but doable.  (Even in Paris.)  I got lucky on the first night; I was invited to a proper seder.  It was wonderful and tons o' fun to be part of another family's traditions.  Also, I was introduced to the idea that gefilte fish don't have to be boiled but can be fried like crab cakes - yum to the max.  Last night I went out to dinner and pretended I was on Atkins or South Beach or both - whatever, I clearly don't follow diet fads - and managed to not steal my date's fries/chips (which I'm pretty sure aren't  kosher for Passover).  And tonight I'm having a friend over for dinner and we're going to have quinoa as the side to my nommy braised chicken with asparagus.  Plus, of course, we're going to have matzah ball soup!

Matzah ball soup is the easiest thing to make.

Step 1: make chicken broth.  This must be done by scratch or God will smite you down.  (I made mine with a 50p chicken carcass from Borough Market.)
Step 2: make matzah balls.  This must be done by following the instructions on the Manischewitz box or, again, God will strike you down.  You can get fancy, if you want, and you can take sides on the light-or-dense argument.  But, basically, this step is simple, too.
Step 3: make the [expletive] soup already, and enjoy.

Tomorrow night and/or the weekend's project (depending on, you know, how popular I am) is going to be this yummy recipe.  Spanikopita that's kosher for Passover?  Yes, please!

How are you celebrating Passover?  (My seder included the Two Zuzim song with full sound effects.  My seder was almost automatically cooler than your seder.)

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  1. I'm not Jewish, but I absolutely LOVE seder dinners and passover. I think each family's traditions are so wonderful and it's such an amazing and FUN (and beautiful) it!!!


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