Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Moving Day - Settling In Edition

It's done!  I have done it, and it is done.  I drink from the keg of glory; bring me the finest muffins and bagels in all the land.  (Oh, hey, West Wing quote.  How did you sneak in there?)

Okay, to be completely honest, its not entirely done.  There are two boxes of clothes and shoes hiding in my bathroom.  But everything that needed to be assembled has been put together and everything that can be put away has been stored.

Also, I lied slightly in that I didn't do it alone... Jon helped me.  He came over and essentially constructed my wardrobe by himself and assisted me with the bed.  Go ahead, get mad at me.  Yes, you, dear readers.  Yell away.  I'm ready for your castigations.

But anyway, moral squishyness aside, it is done to all intents and purposes.  I am pleased as punch and even the nasty cold that has come down on me like an biblical plague cannot ruin the joy I will feel tonight at sleeping in a bed and not on the floor.  Huzzah!

So.  As I have probably explained a gazillion times, when you walk in my entrance, situated off the side of the house, you come into the kitchen/laundry room, which is space I share with the family.  (It's my kitchen and our laundry room, just to be clear.)  It's fabulous - I cooked my first proper meal there last night - though it severely lacks storage space.  I'm not sure yet what the solution to that is; I think I'm going to have to end up storing a lot of my serving things in my room.  We'll see.  Here's the kitchen in all its stuff-on-the-counters loveliness:

on the left: oven/stove and fridge
on the right: freezer, sink, and washing machine (and some cupboards)

That door at the far end leads you into... drumroll please... my studio room!



And from the other side of the room:

The door at the far end of the first studio photo above leads into my bathroom, which isn't really photographable at the moment because (a) it's hiding my unpacked boxes, and (b) there's nothing to see because I haven't decorated it yet in any way.

Voila, ladies and gentlemen: my new flat.  There's still a lot of cosmetic work to be done  - the artwork on the walls belongs to the family and I'm going to find my own cool things to put on the walls when I go to Paris this weekend (more on that later!) and I need a single futon for the space between that first bedside table and the shelving unit in the corner by the door and I'm looking for unique tidbits to dot around the room and and and...  You know how it is.  But I'm well and truly in and it's so exciting!  Hurray!


  1. 1. LOVE! but where's your poster of american girl in rome?! hehe.

    2. what moral squishyness? I'm so happy you guys are friends, you're both awesome.

  2. lily, the poster is at home! I need to bring it over, obviously :)

  3. YAY!!!! Love it!! I'm SO excited for you -- isn't it wonderful when you get your own little place :) I think there are some shelving solutions in the kitchen/laundry area that can probably be created to accommodate your kitchen stuff...but you're super creative.

    Can't WAIT to see what you find in Paris!

  4. Betsy it's just gorgeous! You did a really terrific job!


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