Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Home Sweet Studio

You know you're home when...

... you're beyond excited about hopping into your newly assembled bed with your pink heart hot water bottle and your trusty MacBook!

(Apartment Therapy is focusing on small spaces this month - make sure to check it out!  Plus, they've got their smallcool contest running at the moment.  Maybe I can enter next year?  Here's to hoping!)


  1. Good going, Betsy! So comfy and cozy. I have the same Macbook - love it!

  2. Looks comfy/adorable! Also we now have the same bedroom furniture. Ikea is the universal purveyor of furniture for 20 somethings....

  3. Thanks, Martha! (You can't see the boxes I've hidden, though...)

    Hannahlove - we're twins, obviously :)

  4. Love it! Congrats on getting it done! xx


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