Thursday, April 7, 2011

April in Paris

Yes, dear readers, that's right: I'm going to Paris this weekend!  My mother's over there for a conference and I'm joining her at the tail end of her trip.  I haven't been to Paris in two years - I'm so excited.  You'll remember that I lived in Paris for eight months as a student, and so the city is very dear to my heart.  I have such wonderful memories of the time I spent there, memories of....

cherry blossoms at the Petit Palais...

Notre Dame at dusk...

and the Eiffel Tower in the sun...

Le sigh.  I love Paris in the springtime!

Oh, hey, I feel another song coming on:

(All photos taken by me on various trips to Paris.)


  1. Le sigh, J'adore Paris aussi!!!

    What a great trip...can't wait to see some pics and hear if you found anything for your flat :)

  2. You're living the dream, Betsy! Enjoy your spring weekend in Paris!

  3. I already know that I'm going to spend the weekend fighting the conflicting urges to document everything with my camera but not to look like a tourist! Oh, the contradiction... :)

  4. The Cherry Blossoms remind me of the ones in DC right now!


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