Monday, April 4, 2011

The English Wedding

Well, I can't blog about my house move because it is still in progress - you'll have to wait a few more days for photos!  However, I did manage to find the thingy that connects my camera to my computer and so I have photos to share of the gorgeous wedding I went to on Saturday!

First, the picture you've all been waiting for: dear readers, I give you my fascinator.

And now - and, honestly, much more importantly - I give you the sneaky photo I took of the beautiful bride and her amazing dress.

(See?  She's wearing a fascinator, too!  They're all the rage, really.)

When I get married, I will wear a fascinator and have a cream tea with champagne immediately following the ceremony.  Reason number 309593 I love England... sigh.


  1. absolutely love her 50's dress. . . well done for embracing the English dress code!! I'm going for a huuuuge hat for a very glam wedding we've been invited to in June! So exciting x

  2. So so cute! I totally learned what a fascinator was from you! I'm super excited to add that word/style to my repertoire!!

  3. Love the fascinator - hope you had fun at the wedding!

  4. I wore a fascinator for my Texas :) They are so delicate and pretty. I am going to take a class on how to make them at The Make Lounge.

    Loved the one you wore. So pretty.

  5. Ah! I'm late to the party, but I'm here! (Sorry - I have been otherwise engaged for the past couple of weeks and just now catching up on my fave blogs!)

    You look lovely in your fascinator, as does the bride. I do have a wedding in June, here in New York. Would love to show up in a fascinator of my own! (May have a lookiloo on the 'net for one...I've not seen any in the shops around here.)


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