Sunday, April 3, 2011

Moving Day - Unpacking Edition

Oh good Lord.  Remember how I said I like settling into a new place?  I might have been wrong.  Okay, no, I wasn't wrong - I do like it - but I like it to happen all at once.  This whole gradually-moving-in thing is not working for me.

Friday started out very smoothly.  The man with a van - who turned out to be men in a van, happily, though I wasn't charged extra for the superfluous guy - arrived an hour early.  An hour early!  Since when do movers turn up early?  But, luckily, I was ready to go and so we made it out of Alex's, to Jon's to pick up the rest of the stuff, and then to the new flat all before 9:45am.  I didn't really unpack anything as there wasn't anything to unpack into; all storage furniture was either not yet assembled (hello, crappy Argos wardrobe) or not yet purchased (oh, hey, Malm).  So after chatting over some details with the lady of the house I headed out to Ikea.  (It's surprisingly easy to get to Ikea from my new place.  This could be dangerous.)

Ikea was a breeze.  I had researched everything I wanted and so, while I lovingly browsed the showrooms, I already knew exactly what I was going to purchase, which kept me on track.  The only thing I hadn't planned for was that my landlords asked me to pick up my new bed at Ikea while I was there.  Not a problem, I told them; I even confirmed with Ikea that a bed could be delivered the same day as purchase.  But wait.  Lo.  A problem.  I paid for everything and then stopped by the home deliveries desk - only to be told that while beds could be delivered same-day, mattresses couldn't.  Excuse me?  No.  Apparently mattresses don't fit in the vans that are used to make same-day deliveries and so it would have to go on the next day's truck.  [Expletive.]  That meant that I couldn't get any of my items - dresser, chairs, table, bedside table - delivered immediately because I'd then have to pay two delivery charges, one for the Saturday delivery of the mattress and one for the Friday delivery of everything else.  [Expletive.]

So I went home more or less empty handed and very frustrated.  I still couldn't unpack, I didn't have a bed, and I was being foiled from settling in.  I was not a happy camper.

Fast forward to Saturday.  I was singing that wedding - it was beautiful, by the way, and my fascinator (will upload photos as soon as I've found the connector thing for my camera) was a huge hit - and so the lady of the house received my Ikea delivery.  I made it back home around 5pm only slightly worse for the wear from the lovely champagne tea reception, and set to making my new dresser.  Three and a half hours and much cursing later I proudly maneuvered my Malm into place.  It's going to fall apart any minute now - the drawers are a little wonky and I have a funny feeling that I'm going to have to resort to superglue to keep things together - but it is assembled!  Success.

It's now 9am and I've unpacked everything that will fit into the dresser plus about a third of my dresses (I have a lot of dresses) into the wardrobe that Jon came over to build for me.  The built-in in the corner of the room is packed with things-that-have-nowhere-else-to-go.  The kitchen is almost completely sorted and the bathroom is getting acquainted with all of my beautifying products.  I'm sitting on my mattress - which, by the way, is exactly where I planned for my bed to go and I'm pleased to announce that it fits perfectly - with my laptop and a cup of coffee, the French doors wide open and the sun streaming in.

I feel good about this, guys.  Today's the day.  Today's the day I settle in!


  1. Good luck with it, I can't wait to see pictures!

  2. So, where did you sleep Friday night? What an extra-stressful moving day!
    How's the state of your Sunday...?

  3. Sorry to hear about the delivery dramz at Ikea, but so glad everything seems to be falling into place now. Enjoy your sunshiny day of settling in. :-)

    P.S.: Looking forward to seeing the pics from the wedding!

  4. Yay! Glad you're finally getting settled in :)

  5. yay! what a lovely entry. this made me smile, glad to hear you're good and settled...or at least on your way to being so!


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