Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another Post on Walls

Well, um, actually a pretty nice little Saturday, we're going to go to Home Depot. Yeah, buy some wallpaper, maybe get some flooring, stuff like that. Maybe Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I don't know, I don't know if we'll have enough time.
- Old School

All the John Lewis things are in, but the camera on my phone is failing me and I'm not coordinated enough to take Photo Booth pictures of anything but myself, so I'm sorry but you'll just have to wait for my improved homey home!  However, I will share with you some images of the artwork that I'm going to get framed tomorrow to hang on the walls.

My mother and I found two gorgeous vintage fashion prints in Paris when we were there last weekend.  I'm going to get them both framed in a thin navy metal frames - que'st-ce que vous pensez?  (Sorry about the fingers on the edges!)  They'll both go over my bed.

And then also I have three small matching prints that each say "LIVE LONG" and "LAUGH OFTEN" and "LOVE MUCH."  Hey, look, there's me holding one of the prints!  Oh, wait - perhaps find a mirror.

These are going to go on the wall between the window and the French doors, vertically, framed in thin black metal frames with no matt.  And then, of course, is the adhesive chalkboard, which I ordered online the other day and should arrive next week.

There's still much work to be done!

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  1. Cute cute!!! Love the prints for your place :)


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