Friday, March 18, 2011

Frock Fridays

On 2 April, one of my choirs will be singing in a wedding and we've all been invited to the reception after the ceremony.  The email I got about this specified that we should wear "wedding attire" rather than any sort of uniform outfit.  I've never been to an English wedding before, so while I'm thrilled by the chance to dress up I have no clue as to what "wedding attire" means.

Obviously, I'm looking to Kate for inspiration...

Note to self: buy a smart coat and a hat/fascinator. And find a classy clutch.  And straighten hair.  And be impossibly poised and gorgeous.

I can do this.  No sweat.


  1. I'm going to a wedding on 2 April as well - what a wacky coincidence if it's the same one! Is the wedding in London or out of town? Let me know... x

  2. It's in London, in Clapham. Same wedding? I'm seriously considering buying a fascinator, just to warn you.

  3. Hahah! Unfortunately no... we're headed out to Oxford for the bash. Fascinators are de rigeur at the English wedding... so are color-coordinated outfits! From the 2 I've been to, I'd say its best to err on the side of prim and more elegant than you might go to an American wedding. Headwear is always advisable though Grazia is trying to tell us to forget it! I'm actually loving feathered clips that hug the head 1920s style, and am importing one for my friend's wedding in Philly in April. But for the English wedding, I'm going 1960s glamour gold.


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