Saturday, March 19, 2011

Conspicuous Consumption, Kitchen Style

You can't tell from the floorplan I posted, but my kitchen actually has decent cupboard and storage space.  That's a good thing because, as a sign of her infinite love for her daughters, my mother took my sister and me to the outlets today, and I went a little wild and crazy in the Williams Sonoma store.  (We also went wild and crazy in JCrew, Kate Spade, and Theory - but it's all relative, right?)

Anyway, I am so impressed with the cute and yet totally necessary kitchen stuff I got at an absolute bargain that I have to share some of it with you.  See, the kitchen in my new flat is essentially starting from scratch.  I bought my own sets of dishware and cutlery when I first moved to London - Jon and John and Sam did not understand my need for matching plates - but most of the cooking paraphernalia at the old flat belonged to the boys and so I've had to begin a collection on my own.  (Thanks, Mom!)

My fave items from today's haul are the colorful melamine mixing bowls and measuring cups and spoons that we bought:

Now, you might think that I'm totally nuts for purchasing all of this here and shlepping it over to London with me, but I will tell you that I paid a third of what I would have shelled out for comparable items in the UK. It's not just the exchange rate that's killer; things are just more [expletive] expensive across the pond.

So although there are some things that I'll have to buy in London - I don't think security at the airport would appreciate me trying to bring over a collection of knives - I am going to check a 10-piece pots/pans set.  Hey, don't look at me like that!  BA has a generous baggage allowance, you know.


  1. Happy Cooking in your new place! Love the colorful bowls!

  2. I have the same bowls and cups and spoons in green - a gift from my mom about 10 years ago - they last! Glad you fly BA - it's the best!

  3. Thanks, Louise! You'll have to come over and visit!

    Martha - apparently melamine is making a big comeback, which means that we're supercool (obviously)!

  4. Heck yah! I'd bring all of Target in my suitcase if it fit :) XOL

  5. OK HAPPY took my quote! :) I was going to say YES! Way to go! I can't WAIT until my trip to MN in May...Target HERE I COME! :) Frickin' LOVE Target!!! I'm sure I'll hit quite a few other stores too! :) Thanks for following! :) Jo


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