Friday, March 18, 2011

New Flat: It's Official!

One month's rent plus my security deposit have flown eagerly from my bank account, which means that I officially have a new flat!  I am beyond excited.  I can't wait to move in on 1 April - I'm actually going to head over to the house next weekend to measure my space and to check out the bed they've ordered.  (Did I tell you?  They're providing the bed but other than that I'm getting all the furnishings for the room.  It'll be more expensive this way than if I was moving into a furnished flat, but I'm glad that I'll have final say in what my studio looks like.  Plus, hello, design inspiration is striking like lightning - I'm electric!)

I drew up a floorplan on some website online - can't remember which, sorry - and although it's not entirely accurate in terms of scale I'll share it with you anyway so you can have a sense of my new place.

Great, right?  Oh man, I can't wait.  So excited!  I'll try not to bore you with interior decorating posts, but you might have to bear with me for a little while...

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