Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Concert on Saturday!

Hello my darling followers!  I have for you a shameless plug:

My concert is on Saturday!

Chromata, a chamber choir based in south London, will be performing a concert of 20th century French music for the first half of the program (expect Vilette, Messaien, Poulenc, Durufle, etc.) and the second half will include a sing-a-long of the Fauré Requeim for audience enjoyment/participation.

Bonus number one: I'll be doing the Pie Jesu in the Faure!

Bonus number two: there will be a pub session after the concert!

So.  7:30pm on Saturday 12 February at St. Mary's Church in Balham.  Be there or... um... ask me about it on Sunday.

In the meantime, though, wish me luck.  And the ability to roll my Rs.  And also the option of becoming a prepubescent boy.  You know, like this one:


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  1. Faure's requiem is my FAVORITE. I listen to it a lot on mu iPod, probably weird.


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