Friday, January 21, 2011

Bad Blogger Award / Crazy Week

Phew - sorry I haven't blogged in so long, but this week has been a bit of a whirlwind!  (And no, I don't think there really is a "bad blogger award," but perhaps someone should make one for slackers like me.  Anyone creative out there?)

On Monday I nabbed a ticket to see the sold-out Hamlet at the National but missed it because I wasn't able to leave work until 7:30pm.  (That's late for me; I'm usually out the door at the dot of six!)  I have heard mixed things about the production - although most of the negatives were passed along to me by theatre colleagues who have unusually discerning eyes - but everyone has agreed that Rory Kinnear was amazing as Hamlet and so I was really bummed.

Tuesday was the opening night at my theatre for our new play.  Without divulging too much detail about what it is I do or where I do it, let's just say this... yowza!  It was quite an evening, event-planning-wise, and so on that front I am very glad it's over.  The show, obviously, was amazing, and I'm really proud that we have it at our theatre.  We've been getting great feedback, which is always encouraging!  I managed to catch the last tube home after slipping out of the afterparty a bit early.

Wednesday night was a fundraising event elsewhere in London.  It was an incredible opportunity for us to share our mission and vision with our supporters - and, more importantly, with our potential future supporters - and so I'm so honored that we were able to take part.  But again I didn't make it home until after midnight.

Managing and hosting events is a necessary aspect of most development jobs, and I really do enjoy it - my OCD isn't happy unless I'm the one planning things and my love of being a social butterfly means I can schmooze like a champ - but I have to admit that it's exhausting, especially two nights in a row!  I came home last night and just absolutely crashed.

Is it possible that I'm champagned out after the past week?  Nah... and a good thing, too, because tonight promises a lovely dinner out with three other fab expat bloggers (hello, ladies!) and their significant others and we'll naturally be starting the evening with a little something bubbly.

Wouldn't you?

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