Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's Official...

I have S.A.D.  I know, I denied it just last week - I diagnosed myself with the winter blues.  But no, actually, I think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder for real.

This morning I woke up at 9:30am (very impressive, dontcha think?) and was so energized when I looked out the window and saw blue sky and sun.  Like, immediately energized.  I jumped out of bed and practically skipped to the kitchen to make tea.  I whizzed around the flat tidying things and folding clean laundry and emptying little rubbish bins into the superduper kitchen bin.  I was on fire.  The sun was out and I was a lark, ready to carpe diem like never before.

Jon, however, was still in bed.  And every time he cracked his sleepy eyelids open and saw me flitting past he begged me to come back under the covers.  "No," I cried, "the sun's out!  It's time to get up!  Let's start the day!"  But he was very persistent and, finally, I leapt gracefully back into bed for a quick cuddle.  I closed my eyes... and opened them fifteen minutes later to discover that something was very, horribly, terribly wrong.

The sun was gone.


In just fifteen minutes, grey clouds had scurried like rats from the dark and wet and gloomy place in which they hide and had oppressed the sun.

I was devastated.

Seriously.  I don't know if I can describe how depressed I became.  It took me another hour to drag myself out of bed - all I wanted to do was hide under the covers and grump at people.  (Sorry, Jon.)

I'm now planted in the café at the V&A, which is usually one of my happy places, trying to cheer myself up.

It's not working.


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  1. Betsy dear, do take this seriously. sounds like SAD to me..try those funny little lights. they work. Living in England not the BEST place for you! But it can be done. An hour a day in front of the Cheery Lamp (or they have a light you can wear around your head, like a miner's lamp--but I think somehow you won't go for that!) can do wonders. Then you can enjoy the aesthetic of the fog & rain & still get your Life done. :)


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