Friday, January 21, 2011

Frock Fridays

Alternate post title: Glee Girls Go Glam at the Golden Globes

(Say that ten times fast!)

Three frocks today!  Hello, fashion.

Lea Michelle - love the pale pink with her complexion and the romantic tendrilled updo highlights her bare collarbones and echoes the ruffles of the gown.  Really not a fan of that ring, but this feature is about dresses so it's cool.

Heather Morris - I absolutely lack an appreciation for minimalism, but if I liked it I would be besotted with you in this photo.  Such lovely clean lines with no fuss but somehow vaguely retro at the same time...

Dianna Agron - I've always thought that Dianna was the most Disney-princess-pretty of all the girls on the show, though it has always annoyed me that she's so aware of her cheekbones when she smiles.  She is absolutely playing to type here, but hey: if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

And, because this clip is just so freaking adorable, here's Chris Colfer winning a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in a Whatever:

(All images via Google image searches)

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