Saturday, December 11, 2010

O Tannenbaum

We've just arrived at Jon's parents' house in Suffolk for the annual Christmas Tree Weekend.  The whole fam is here - his sister has just come home from uni for her holidays - and tomorrow we're going to dedicate ourselves to picking out and decorating the perfect tree.

(I love how The Telegraph describes the process:  "Hark!  Is that the festive sound of cars screeching to a halt outside a disused car-park, now renamed a 'Christmas forest' and filled with firs and spruces... And lo!  See the wincing expressions of the red-faced men and women who forgot to bring their gloves, as they struggle to carry their 7ft Norwegian spruce back to the car.")

And so, in honor of this epic adventure, I give you pretty pictures of Christmas trees.  Enjoy!

And, of course, here's a bit of Charlie Brown:

I'll take photos tomorrow during and after the tree-decorating process - watch this space for more pretty pictures!

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