Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dating in London

Danielle, inspired by Krista, has issued we London bloggerettes a challenge:  to post our preferred date spots.  I've roped Jon into helping me put together a list of our top five favorite places - thanks, Jon!

5.  Somerset House Ice Skating - there are a bunch of ice skating possibilities in London, but we think that this is the most romantic option.  It's a glamorous venue, a neoclassical building with a gorgeous courtyard in which sits the rink, and (this is a Betsy comment coming up) the skating is sponsored by Tiffany & Co., so your date might get some Christmas gift ideas if you're lucky!

4.  Vinoteca - this wonderful wine bar in Smithfield also serves amazing modern European food, which means that you can go early in the evening for a drink and, if you and your date manage to get along well, stay for dinner!

3.  Clapham Picture House plus Kasbah Restaurant - this is our classic date night plan because these two spots are in our neighborhood, but even if it's not the most exciting you have to admit that you can't go wrong with dinner and a movie!  The cinema has a full bar and you're allowed to take drinks into the movie with you (Jon's favorite part) and the restaurant is right across the street so you can head straight from the theatre to a delicious Moroccan meal (my favorite part).

2.  Victoria and Albert Museum and Café - one of our favorite museums in London, the V&A has something for everyone.  (We both like the new Medieval and Renaissance wing.)  You can wander around the galleries and be cultural until your feet feel like they're going to fall off and then head to the café for afternoon tea and scones.  It's all very civilised!

1.  Home sweet home - sorry to be sappy, but we think that nothing is better than a night in together, curled up together in front of Glee with Gü chocolate puds and glasses of wine on the coffee table.  Obviously, our flatmates have to be out for this to be ideal, but, you know, you learn to deal!

Can't wait to see what the rest of you ladies post - or, if you don't blog, please write me comments!

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