Saturday, October 9, 2010

Meet The Parents and the Parents

I've got another Suffolk weekend with Jon's family ahead of me, except this time I'm not just heading out of town with Jon... I'm going down with my mom and dad, too!  Yes, folks, this is the grand meeting-of-the-parents.  We've got a lot of fun things planned for the weekend - including a yacht race and a visit to Orford Castle - and I think that everyone's going to get along famously.  It's going to be a blast.  But still... wish us luck!


  1. Ooh that's quite the occasion!! Good luck with it, am sure will all go to plan with no Fokker family moments.

  2. I hope it went well, it sounds like a fun weekend!

    By the way I'm singing in Fulham at the weekend with Ben and Lizzie, if you fancy popping round for evensong.

  3. HOLY MOLY YOU ARE BRAVE. The Irishman and I often think about having to do that eventually and I get so worked up we have to drink to calm me down. Perhaps that's the only way to do it - in a pub, with copious amounts of alcohol? Can't wait to hear how it went! x


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