Thursday, October 7, 2010

FancyShmancy Celebration Dinner

I'm so dedicated to this blog and to you, dear readers, that even though I am in the throes of a food coma I will still document tonight.

We.  Had.  The.  Best.  Dinner.  Ever.

My parents and Jon and I had our fancyshmancy dinner tonight - there's got to be one every visit, natch - to celebrate their 31st wedding anniversary.  (Happy anniversary, guys!  I love you!  Thank you for getting married and having me!)  We had a very continental 8:30pm reservation at Chez Bruce, which is conveniently just down the road from my house.  I didn't take any photos while there because it really isn't that sort of place, but let me tell you: it was amazing.  I won't tell you what we ordered, either, because that would just be indulgent, but just know that it was amazing.  From the first delicate amuse-bouche to the decadent cheese plate, it was amazing.

If you have an occasion in the near future or are looking for a very special dinner out, I highly recommend Chez Bruce.

Go.  Eat.  And be happy.

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