Wednesday, October 13, 2010

English Roses

I've always liked the idea of having an "English rose" complexion.  That, or being told that my skin is peaches and cream.

But no, alas, and now I can't even claim that I am olive-skinned anymore.  That's right: I've had to switch from my summer tinted moisturizer to my winter tinted moisturizer.  Goodbye tanned skin and fawn, hello pale skin and bisque.  At least Laura Mercier is right there along side me...

I was also thinking about English roses recently because I'm shocked to see that, in gardens all over London and Suffolk, roses are still in bloom!  I don't know enough about gardening to know why or how this is, but it really is lovely to see roses still peeking over fences and climbing up walls.  There was a gorgeous one outside of Jon's parents' house in the country:

Do roses last this long in the States?  I always thought they were an early summer thing... but maybe it's an issue of geography.  Hm.


  1. I've also found roses in the UK a pleasant surprise. How do they last so long and repeatedly bloom like that?! My family never had any success with growing roses in NJ (despite the fact that everything else in the garden flourished).

    I admit I've contemplated this a little too much--and posted a few too many pictures of roses--on my blog in the last year. But they are just so gorgeous!

  2. I too would love an English rose complexion. All my life I've been told my freckles will fade, and guess what, they're still here.

    One day they will join like a dot-to-dot (remember them?) and then I'll be olive.


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