Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Eve

Everyone's putting the finishing touches on his/her Halloween costumes, but, in true Saturday tradition, I'm preparing for tonight's dinner party!  I know that Nana's probably horrified that this happens every week, but I love it.  I love entertaining and I love cooking for people.  Add both of these together and you get a weekly dinner party with a rotating cast of characters!  (Plus, you know, I have to have a reason to go to Borough Market every weekend other than just taking a field trip!)

Unfortunately, though, the dinner parties are going to be on hiatus after this weekend because starting next weekend Jon and I will be on donut duty, which will take up almost every Saturday through November.  You see, Jon's maternal aunt and uncle live in Twickenham on the road between Twickenham Station and Twickenham Stadium, the home of English rugby.  On major match days this road is pedestrianized due to the incredibly heavy footfall of fans heading to the games, and so on these occasions Jon's aunt and uncle make and sell donuts from their front garden.  It's incredible - they make a couple thousand pounds every time they set up their stall!  They sell so many donuts (at 6 for £3 or 12 for £5, in case you want to come by) that they rope as many cousins as possible into the endeavour.  It's hard work and takes up the whole day and sometimes the evening too, but it's tons o' fun!

Sorry - I got away from this weekend's Halloween theme.  Oops.

I don't remember what I dressed up as for Halloween as a child.  I know I was a ladybug when I was very young, and in the 7th grade went as the lion from The Wizard of Oz (I was part of a gang that dressed up as the whole crew from the movie) and then in the 8th grade took that role of a devil in a blue dress, but other than that I can't remember at all.  I think I was a witch a couple of years running, but I'm not sure - Mom, help?  I know my sister dressed up as a bride pretty consistently.  Maybe I blocked my own costumes from my mind. Hm.

Anyway, when I think of Halloween I think of villains.  Super-evil villains.  Specifically, Disney villains.  Sure, it would be fun to be a Disney princess, but the meanies are always the more interesting characters.  (By the way, if you click on that last link you'll hear a voice saying, "Welcome to the wonderful world of Disney princesses, where happily ever after happens every day."  Barf - and, at the same time, sigh.  Oh Disney, how you have captured me.)  Everyone has their own favorite Disney villains, just like everyone has their favorite Disney princesses.  (What, you don't have a favorite Disney princess?  What's wrong with you?  Jeez!)  In honor of Halloween, here are mine:

5.  Jafar from Aladdin - I'm sorry, I can't explain this one.  I think that I just like that he never gives up.  He's tenacious.  He really wants absolute power, you know?

4.  Hades from Hercules - okay, he wants power, too, but he also wants to beat his big brother, and who doesn't like a little sibling rivalry in their animated picture?  Plus, he's got a great sense of humor, which is even sexier in a man than flaming hair.  Which he's also got.  Yum.

3.  Scar from The Lion King - yes, he commits regicide and fratricide (at the same time, wow!) but that just shows how committed he is to gaining power.  Wait, I'm starting to notice a theme here with these Disney villains...  But still, he's got the coolest voice of them all.  Jeremy Irons?  I think so!

2. Captain Hook in Peter Pan - this pirate has the best sense of style of any of the Disney villains.  That coat!  Those boots!  That mustache!  And the hook, obviously!  Impressive.  I know that this song isn't from the Disney version of the film, but I can't help but post it.  Hook is Hook is Hook.

1. Ursula from The Little Mermaid - hands down the best villain ever.  Ever.  She's so self-confident in her bad-assed-ness.  She did warn Ariel about what would happen if the princess didn't get a kiss, you know.  She didn't try to hide anything.  Plus, her lipstick is always excellently applied.

Honorable Mention.  Rasputin in Anastasia - no, this isn't technically Disney (it's Fox).  But you've got to love a historically-informed bad guy whose sidekicks are dancing and singing bugs, right?


  1. TELL me I showed you this...

  2. I like to think it's Betsy's Salon and hope that Betsy doesn't have to do ALL the work.

    Suggest you add Christine O'Donnell's (sp?) coven discussions and her "I Am Not a Witch" political advertisement, both available on You Tube. (I'd do it, but don't know how to create the link.)

    Not horrified,


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