Monday, September 6, 2010

Ils Sont En Grève

Alternate title: "What, are we in France?"

"Tube strike cripples London," headlines blared across the capital this evening.  Yes, that's right - a Tube strike.  A 24-hour Tube strike that somehow is lasting from Monday evening through Wednesday morning.  (Not sure how that equals 24 hours, but whatever.)  Given that I take three underground trains to get to work in the morning, my reaction is, unsurprisingly, something along the lines of... well, you can imagine my reaction, I'm sure.

Since the strike began starting (yes, you read that correctly) at 5pm this evening, it was recommended that people leave work early or find alternate methods of transportation; bikes, buses, and boats will all be in high demand during this strike.  After checking the TFL website and determining that none of my Tube lines were disturbed, I hopped on the Underground - and found it deserted.  My usually packed homeward route was eerily quiet and creepily convenient.  I suppose everyone panicked and fled to other options.

Obviously, tomorrow morning's commute might be a different story, and I might have to hie myself to National Rail.  Luckily, according to TFL, it'll only take 1h20m to get work work via a combination of train and bus - it could be much worse.  But who knows?  We shall see.

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  1. when I was in Venice, the water subway went on strike...we had to pay 40 euro for a 5 minute ride to the train station. not fun!


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