Saturday, September 4, 2010

Finding Your Way Around London

Grid system cities are fun, in their own way, but there's never really any mystery to them.  It's hard to discover winding side streets in a city with roads laid out in straight lines, and it's nearly impossible to get lost in a city that is numbered and lettered.

London, having been created by lots of little medieval villages smooshing together over the centuries, has streets every which way, hardly any of which connect at right angles.  It's lots of fun to explore a city like that, but you must take a map - even Londoners use the handy A-Z guide!

To add even more amusement to finding your way around London, Trafalgar Square has, at the moment, a maze!  In the middle of the square has been installed a hedge maze complete with street signs and blue plaques.  If you're in London, check it out!

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