Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fasts and Break-Fasts

Happy Yom Kippur?  No, you can't really say that.  What you should say is this: have an easy fast.

Yes - I am fasting today.  All things considered, I'm a pretty bad Jew (ham and cheese are my go-to sandwich fillers) but there are some habits from growing up Jewish that I can't break, and fasting on Yom Kippur is one of them.  Another habit - well, it's more of a tradition, really - is having a big break-fast meal following the fast.  Growing up, we always went to the house of a family friend; I remember that my mother always brought chopped liver, that there were at least two types of kugel, and that some heavenly woman made (and gave me the recipe for) chocolate chip biscotti.

Therefore!  Tonight my London family - Jon and my flatmates - and some new friends (including a bloggy friend, Ashley) will be having a feast to break my fast.  I hied myself to Borough Market on the hunt for lamb shanks but - oops - was seduced by rabbit.  Lapin for dinner!  Rabbit and chorizo, in fact, which is what the wonderful bear of a butcher recommended to me as they only had two bunnies and I'm hosting six tonight and apparently one rabbit only feeds two people.  (Who knew?)  I'm going to go off of a combination of this recipe and as much as I remember of the recipe that the butcher gave me.  Wish me luck!  We'll also be having mac and cheese with mushrooms.  Nom.  And Ashley is bringing cupcakes.  Double nom.

Oh man, I'm making myself hungry!  Argh.

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