Sunday, August 1, 2010

White Rabbit

Happy August!  Wait - August?  How is it August already?  This is crazy, I tell you, crazy!

(It's my birthday month.  In 29 days I will be in my mid-twenties.  Ah!)

Went to a lovely garden party yesterday to celebrate a friend's birthday.  Pimms, scones, croquet - it was tons o' fun.  Jon started a bromance with a friend of the birthday girl who lives in Clapham - it seems that everyone either lives in Clapham (our new neighborhood as of this coming week) or knows someone who does.

I'm looking forward to our move more and more.  The house we're in now is fine, but I feel like it's Jon's house and I'm just crashing here.  I'm excited to have a place that feels like mine - well, like ours, really.  We go to the estate agents' on Monday to sign the papers and move-in day is Wednesday.  That means that today is all about packing, even though I'm desperate for a lazy day.

Speaking of lazy days - lazy Sundays - how perfectly indulgent does this look?  Maybe someday soon someone will bring me the paper and breakfast in bed...

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  1. I met 2 people this weekend who live in Clapham and I was down there on Friday as well, not a bad area at all! I know what it's like to feel as though you are just crashing at someone's place. I've just started to feel like I am living in my new flat, granted I sort of am crashing but now it's feeling like home. Good luck with the packing, what's your move date?

    ps~ I'd love to get a drink sometime. Shoot me an email at looking forward to hearing from you!


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