Wednesday, August 4, 2010

(Pre) Moving Day

Today is moving day!  We're heading from SE16 to SW12 - quite a switch.  I'm (almost) all packed, though I have to admit that packing was easier for me than it was for Jon because, thanks to my transatlantic hop, I have lots of practice fitting all my belongings into three suitcases and three boxes!

I also have to admit that I've escaped the hardest part of the move: the moving.  I managed to get the afternoon off work, but Jon's dad is driving up in the morning to help us and has to be back in Suffolk by late afternoon, which means that the bulk of the physically-moving-things-from-one-place-to-another part of the day will be done by the two of them.  I'll get to the flat once most things, if not all things, have been moved in.  (Oh, darn.)  Then Jon will head back to the old house to make sure it's prepared for the dreaded landlady visit and I will start unpacking.  I actually like unpacking - is that weird?  I like creating a home by finding a place for each thing and making that home my own by knowing exactly where everything is.  Maybe not weird - maybe just OCD.  Oh, well!  I hope our two new flatmates, John and Sam, don't mind that about me...


  1. Good luck! Can't wait to see photos of what it looks like after you've made it your own. Welcome to the SW :)

  2. Happy Moving Day!!! Can't wait for the tour (in photos)!


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