Thursday, August 5, 2010

(Post) Moving Day

(Side note: our new flat won't have internet till Monday - and tomorrow night we're heading down to Suffolk for the weekend - so my posting might be intermittent till next week.  Apologies.)

So.  The new flat!  It's great.  It's simply great.

We all moved in yesterday - it took most of the afternoon to unpack everything we had brought, but it's done!  Well, almost.  Jon had to go back to the old flat to make sure it was spick and span for the landlady's inspection and so isn't unpacked at all, but at least all of his stuff is out of the common areas and in our room.  Ah, our room.  The master bedroom.  Our room makes me happy.  It's huge and airy, with a big window the looks out on the communal garden and the comfiest bed I could have hoped for.  We also have two built-in closets, thank God, and two dressers, so we're not fighting for space.

The living/dining room is a good size, too.  We're keeping the dining table against the wall to save space, for now, but it will be pulled out for dinner parties and can seat six.  There are two comfy leather couches which are key for the boys as they predict they will be spending 75% of their downtime in them playing video games.  Yes, we will be a gaming house - with three boys in their early 20s would you expect anything else?  Sigh.

The kitchen is fab - it has a gas stove, which I love - and also has a window looking out to the garden.  No dishwasher, alas, but that's not unusual for British kitchens.  Also not unusually for British kitchens, it has a washing machine built in next to the sink.  (Apparently this practice is catching on in the States, too.)  The refrigerator is a little smaller than I'd like and is weird in that the freezer is bigger than the fridge, but John brought his own fridge and it's been designated as the beer/wine fridge.  What luxury!

I will take a post photos very soon, I promise, but I want to wait until we're well and truly settled in and everything's been put away.  Last night we celebrated our move with pizza and beer and when I woke up this morning, having gone to bed earlier than the boys, empty boxes and bottles littered the table and floor - let's hope they're not still there when I get home tonight!  If they are, words will be had.  Serious words.  Anyway, the flat was not photographable this morning.  But it will be soon, and then I will share  our home with you, dear readers!


  1. Can't wait to see it!! Have fun in Suffolk this weekend!

  2. Please please please have a dinner party very soon after I arrive in the UK!!


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