Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cohabiting and Compromise, Part Two

Before moving to London I posted about what it might take to live with Jon - compromise, patience, and and love.  We've now been cohabiting for just over a month, and we've certainly needed all three!

We're learning - actually, we learned pretty quickly - that we have different styles of living.  We're not having rows over major issues, probably because we're both very committed to each other and to making our relationship work.  But we have discovered a whole host of little things, from grocery shopping to bedtime, that we do differently and that are causes for friction.  Usually we're able to work through our differences with patience and, in the end, to compromise.

Living with someone else certainly has its hidden tricks.  This past month has been quite a learning experience for both of us.  But - oh, man, it is so worth it!

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