Friday, November 15, 2013

Frock Fridays: Pretty in Plaid

DC weather, what are you doing?  It's been seriously cold for more than a week now, though yesterday warmed up a bit in the afternoon, strangely, and the mercury dipped to 28° last night.  And we're heading back into the 50s and maybe even the 60s for the next few days?  I can't keep up with you.

Regardless, I have my eyes on an outfit like this - plaid is always appropriate for autumn in DC, no matter what the weather's doing, and I've finally stocked up on new tights for the season.  (Thank you, Spanx sale on Ruelala, for helping me get the good stuff!  Otherwise it's M&S or Target all the way - my MO is to buy a few cheap pairs that get worn until they rip and then I throw them out and start again.)  Riding boots and a roomy bag are musts, of course, and I'm finally jumping onto the statement necklace bandwagon.  I could totally wear this!

 photo 866de425-8336-4c63-9efd-1c4dd8bf0e62_zpsafe0d56b.jpg


  1. Ohhhh that dress is dreamy!!

  2. I know. would you like to give me $500 so I can buy it? hehe :P

  3. ohh that necklace is so pretty! love the dress and tights too! Happy Friday!

    -M from The Preppy Student

  4. That dress! I'm such a sucker for plaid. Always have been. I typically always do the Target tights, although last year I found a couple pairs at Gap that I love. They're a bit thicker. I basically live in tights/boots and skirts/dresses in fall and as much as possible in winter. Just love it!

  5. I miss M&S winter staples so much. SO MUCH. It was like a crisp weather pilgrimage for me- I'd go in and get leggings (I hate tights. claustrophobic feet), slippers for each of us, lots of thick wool socks (men's department; the women's selection was NOT WARM), some thermals (also men's- merino grandpa thermals ftw), and a cute wool hat.


  6. In love with that outfit! Clicked on the link and I should have known why I love the dress-- I love Marc Jacobs :)


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