Thursday, November 14, 2013

Easy Canvas Prints

photo by L Nicole Photography (but her website isn't active anymore, sorry!)

I once babysat for a family that had a gallery wall of canvas photos from a shoot they'd done when the children were young.  Every image was in black and white and, in 3D, the whole effect was incredibly striking.  My family's artistic sensibilities don't really include hanging pictures of people - my parents have a big one of me and one of my sister from our respective Bat Mitzvahs in the kitchen* and my grandparents have an oil of my mother that was painted for Pappy's 50th birthday; otherwise all photographs are in small frames clustered on one or two tables - but I thought that, if I ever were to put portraits on the walls, I'd want them to have the same impact as that canvas photo gallery wall.

I didn't know where to start, though, until my friend Megan gave me the sweetest canvas print as a wedding gift in September.  I put it on my wall, right in the hallway so it's the first thing you see when you come in from the entry, and loved it.  And, of course, I decided it was the perfect way to launch my collection.

Thank goodness for Easy Canvas Prints, who contacted me through Lindsay soon thereafter about reviewing their products!  They offered me a 8x10 print so I could see how they worked, and it was one of the smoothest processes I've ever experienced.  There are a few wedding photos around the apartment anyway and I thought that Charlie might be feeling left out, so I decided to use a photo of him and me from last autumn.  I had to do some poking around because I've never ordered a photo canvas before and didn't know what all of the possibilities are - not only do they have a few different filter/retouching options for the photo itself, but you can also choose the depth of the frame and the style of wrapping.  I placed the order on September 27, the package arrived on October 7, and the canvas was hung the next day.

I love the idea of getting more and eventually building a little collage around these two pieces.  I'm generally not a gallery wall kind of girl - at least not in the way that Pinterest dictates - but these canvas frames are casual while still making a significant impression and I think that a collection on that wall would be really fun.  The products at Easy Canvas Prints aren't expensive, so Jon and I can update the photos as we have new adventures.  Maybe the next one will appear after his Thanksgiving visit to the States... watch this space to see what we do!

Do check out Easy Canvas Prints and make sure to use the promo code "EarlyHolidayBlogOffer" for 60% plus free shipping if you decide to order one for yourself.  These would make great presents for someone working on making her house a home!

*Check Instagram later today - I'll show you!
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  1. That map one is great! I really would love something like that, we do have two seperate London pieces of artwork since that is where we met.

  2. I love the look of canvas prints too, my bf got one printed out of a vineyard in nz as a moving in present and now I want a whole wall of them!

  3. that's the one Megan gave me! I think she got it from Etsy :)

  4. I love canvas prints. I have one that Ben got me of a picture we took in Cinque Terre. We want to get one of Venice to put with it.

    However, I'm dying to get a wedding picture of us as a canvas. It is super sad, but we have been married for almost 4.5 years, and we have zero wedding pictures of us in our house. Nothing framed. It makes me feel like the biggest slacker. I will definitely check out this company!

  5. i have a canvas print of photobooth pics that we took right after we got engaged and i love it! i want to make a HUGE canvas print of an italy pic but i cant decide which one to blow up. xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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