Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Sunday Currently XVI: Found Love, Now What?

I hardly think, dear readers, that Belinda from Found Love, Now What? needs any introduction here - though of course I'll wax lyrical regardless!  I'm delighted that she's on my sidebar again and I have to admit that I learned a lot about what it means to be an engaging and productive sponsor by watching her promote and encourage the bloggers with whom she collaborates.  Belinda and I have had a few pretty serious conversations about the nature of blogging and how it fits into our lives, but, though it's a real privilege to hear her work through her thoughts, I never doubt that she's got it figured out in a big-picture way.

Belinda's Sunday Currently is below, and make sure you stop by her blog, too, if it's new to you!  I guarrantee you'll want to stick around to explore.  Also, you might notice the mention of our link-up in her "writing..." entry: Belinda, Whitney, and I will be co-hosting my monthly sponsor link-up on Wednesday.  Here's the prompt:

What does being a "good wife" mean to you?

Obviously, you don't have to be married - or ever want to get married - to have deep and complicated feelings about this!  I'd love to hear your response to this question.  Like Belinda, I've gone in several different directions with every draft I write on this, so believe me when I say I don't think there's any one right answer!  We'd love it if you came back here on Wednesday to share your posts - I'm sure we can all gain food for thought from each other and maybe learn something along the way, too.

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Well hello little honey bunny jelly beans! Before we dive into my Currently post, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Belinda, and I am the blogger behind the blog Found Love. Now What? I am an American who pulled up her life to live in the UK to be with my British husband. When I came across Betsy’s blog a year ago, my heart sang as we have such similar stories. {Can you find a blogging soul mate? I may have found one in Betsy. Is that oversharing? Eeek!} As you can imagine, my blog is about life in the UK as an expat, castle filled adventures and musings about life.

I love connecting with fellow readers and bloggers, and sharing some of my current thoughts is a perfect introduction to what makes me tick! With that, away we go!


Reading... The Great Gatsby, for the very first time. Judge if you will, but somehow I made it through high school and undergrad without reading it. {Embarassing, I know.} But, as many who have read it before me I am discovering that it is a simply delicious story with beautiful writing.

Writing… My “Good Wife” post to link up with the lovely Betsy. I have been brainstorming this prompt for a few weeks now, and I may finally have an idea of the direction I will take this post. {Hint: I am wondering if I am even a “good” wife. }

Listening… To my husband make our English fry up breakfast, as he hums and sings to himself. Seriously, it is pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Smelling... The Autumn Bath & Body Works candle that I brought from America. Sounds like a silly thing to ship to the UK, but I have come to realize that anything that brings comfort is a good idea. With scents of apples and fall leaves, bringing my beloved candles in my freight shipment reminds me of home.

Wearing... Scarves, scarves and more scarves. It is cold, rainy and wet here so to add a bit of color to my black puffy coat a staple here in the UK. Brrrr!

Watching... College Basketball. I am a huge college basketball fan, cheering on my beloved Gonzaga Bulldogs since being in college and I love nothing more than watching college hoops. I love nothing more than spending a lazy day catching up on basketball. Go Zags!

Feeling... Excited for my younger sister Becky to finally arrive in the UK! She arrives next Tuesday, and will be here for three weeks, and I am getting beyond excited. We have plans to see castles, eat fish and chips, even a weekend in Dublin. I can’t wait to share the UK with her! 

Thinking... That October went by way too quickly! I literally cannot believe Halloween is this week, what is this all about? Here in the UK, the autumn traditions are different you don’t really do pumpkin patches or feast on pumpkin treats, so it hasn’t really felt like October. I can hardly believe that November is next week.

Learning… To be in the moment with life, to be grateful of the life I have in the UK with my supportive husband. For me to really appreciate, I am unplugging once a week to let us just hangout. Movie watching, or even playing a board game or a night of bowling, it is a fun way to learn to just be.

Wondering… What scary movie we should watch on Halloween. Suggestions anyone?

Wishing… You all a wonderful Sunday, and a spooky and fun filled Halloween!   Thank you sweet Betsy for having me!

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  1. Awe this post really makes me miss the UK!!!! I want to visit London all over again. I just watched the movie "The Great Gatsby" recently and was disappointed with the movie, but I bet the book is way better! Have a happy sunday!!

  2. Oh, Gatsby.... He gets me every time. Every single time! Why, oh why, do I love these tragedies so much?

    Love your link-up prompt for this week! Must start thinking of ideas...

  3. That is good to know! =)

  4. Last year Fredrik and I watched all 4 Scream movies Halloween week and had so much fun reliving the memories of when we first watched them!

  5. Love me some Belinda!
    And since I'm a scaredy cat and can't handle anything too scary, my Halloween movie picks are Hocus Pocus and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, the old Disney cartoon version :)

  6. No scary movies for me, they terrify the heck out of me!!!

  7. Love you both! Great to see you collaborate - and I am learning tons just by watching the two of you host the great discussions you host on your blogs!


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