Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Currently X: Nicola of So We Live Forever

Dear readers, I'm delighted to introduce you to my second Frequent Flier sponsor for July: Nicola Kirsty!  She lives in a beautiful piece of the English countryside and documents every day with a photo on her blog.  One of my favorite things about So We Live Forever is how honest and unedited it is.  Don't get me wrong; her pictures are absolutely lovely!  But Nicola puts it all out there - the awesome, the confusing, and, sometimes, the things for which there are no words - and she shares it with humor and warmth.  As she says on her blog,

It's in the little details not normally documented. The fact that stories cannot be changed. Memories of mistakes which were just waiting to be made. A place where heartbreak and sadness sit next to happiness and success. How there's no running from anything and honesty is encouraged. The writing of an unfinished story. Ultimately, taking a photo every single day doesn't give you anywhere to hide.  As far as I'm concerned life isn't always interesting and people aren't always happy. My photographs simply reflect that.

As fun as it is to see my photos from England or to hear about my adventures, let me tell you: this girl is the real deal.  She's here below with our Sunday Currently today, so read on - and do check out her blog, too!  I for one am dying to know how that date goes... fingers all crossed for you, Nicola!

Hi, I'm Nicola! Pleased to make your acquaintance.

I can be found over at So We Live Forever where I've been taking a photograph every single day since 2nd May 2009. As a result you'll find me writing about anything and everything happening in my life in England; the good, the bad and the ugly all included.

[Luckily the good outweighs the rest.]

When Betsy invited me to write a post it was only ever going to be a 'Sunday Currently'. Mainly because I am nowhere even resembling close to a wedding and 50% of the time I'm in either sweats or PJs. It's a glamourous life!

So here we are... Thank you in advance for reading :) xx


Watching... another British man win the Tour de France. We wait 99 races for a champion and then two come along in consecutive years! Our sportsmen like to keep us waiting - just look at the 77 years we waited to see a Wimbledon champ.

Reading... 'A Walk To Remember' by Nicholas Sparks. Having never read a book by Nicholas Sparks, I'm hoping - for the first time ever! - the books live up to the films.

Writing... to-do lists for my summer holidays. I want to make sure I use my six weeks off productively and I do love a good list. Luckily this week is already filling up nicely with plans!

Thinking... about how much has changed in the last three weeks. New job, new routine, new friends. That's a lot for a girl who doesn't react well to change! It's all rather exciting amongst the craziness But life is good :)

Smelling... my new moringa body mist. I find it incredibly soothing if I'm nervous.

Wishing... I'd seen Mo Farah beat the 1500m British record which has stood for 28 years, while the record holder was commentating on the race. I know there's iPlayer but you can't beat seeing it live!

Wearing... more than the bare minimum of clothing for the first time in ten days. What's happened to all that sun?! I can't complain though, we've had a really good run of absolutely beautiful weather.

Wanting... pay day to arrive. The first thing I'm buying with my first paycheck? Shoes. You could tell my life story through my shoe collection.

Needing... sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. After a 22 hour day yesterday and less than nine hours sleep in two days, I'm really starting to feel it. I'm too old for this coming home at 3am malarkey!

Feeling... blessed to have the friends I do. I could gush forever but let's just say I'm a very lucky girl.

Hoping... that my first ever first date goes well this week. I really like this guy and I really want it to go well. [touch wood] so please keep your fingers crossed for me? And watch this space...

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  1. Good luck on your first date, how exciting!

  2. Hello to Nicola! Betsy, your description of her blog is absolutely enchanting, and Nicola's guest post just adds to the loveliness. I will definitely be checking out more. :) Also, six weeks off for summer holiday? Why do I have the sense that we Americans are doing vacation wrong? Hmmm... Happy Sunday to all!


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