Sunday, November 25, 2012

Week in Numbers and Pictures

What a week!  Jon arrived last Saturday, and we had an amazing time together.  The best parts of the visit were the normal things - remembering how much milk Jon takes in his coffee, walking Charlie and keeping both of them from chasing squirrels, talking about current events (tabloid gossip for me, weird news stories for him) while curled under blankets on the couch - and often I'd forget that we were in a long-distance slog instead of living a wonderfully mundane life together.  But then it would hit me that these amazing moments are incredibly special and I'd get sappy and... well, you know where things go after that.  But let's get back to the fun stuff, shall we?

Here's a rundown of our week in numbers plus some photos!  I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving, dear readers - we certainly did.

On Thursday, we ran 10 kilometers in my first ever Turkey Trot.  Jon, Sarah, and Uncle Markie signed up with me and my mother completed the 2 mile race at the same time.  It was so much fun, even though it's apparently one of the hilliest courses in the area!  We definitely earned our food that day.

Jon made fun of 9 “historic” buildings in Charlottesville as being younger than the modern bits of London.  (But just because we’re newer, mister, doesn’t mean we’re weaker!  Remember that time we threw off the tyrannical yoke of the monarchy?  I thought so.)

Before Jon left yesterday, we went to Target so he could stock up on American junk food to bring back for his flatmates.  He was very impressed by the 8 varieties of Goldfish we saw, and has resolved to try them all.

We cheered as the Redskins beat the Cowboys by 7 points on Thursday’s game – Sarah explained the nuances of American football, and I pretended I already knew all the rules.  Jon's catching on!

Charlie slept on his bed at night, but jumped up to join Jon me around 6am every day.  Jon took a while to get used to Charlie’s enthusiastic morning greeting – it’s not the most gentle way to wake up, that’s for sure!  But I loved snuggling with my boys.

My mother totally understood when Jon politely refused leftovers for dinner on Saturday night before leaving.  He wanted to grab a burger from Five Guys at the airport!

To celebrate the season, we tasted an assortment of 4 different autumnal beers.  Sarah was desperate for pumpkin ale, but Jon’s favorite was the Sam Adams Oktoberfest.

Over the course of the week, Jon and I sounded the “save me” distress call 3 times – once in the midst of family drama on Wednesday evening, once while Christmas shopping at the mall on Black Friday, and once at my annual young alum high school reunion on Friday night.

Jon caved to my peer pressure and ordered 2 drinks from Starbucks over the course of the week even though he’s protesting their failure to pay tax in the UK.  (Apparently this is a big thing in the news at the moment; Amazon seems to be guilty of it, too.)

It’s only 1 month until we see each other again!  I fly to Heathrow on the evening of December 23rd and will be with Jon and his family on Christmas Eve day.  Can't wait!


  1. Sounds like such a fun visit and I love your pics. It won't be long at all until you're making that Christmas trip - I'm flying back to Glasgow on that date for a Christmas visit too. 4 weeks to go!

  2. Aww such lovely pictures!!

    Five Guys.... Jon has good taste!! (side note, 5 guys was my last lunch in the States... I cried!)

  3. It's great that you and Jon got to spend some time together. :) I love this number lists!

  4. Lovely pictures, so glad you had a great week - and a month will fly by! xx

  5. haha yes he does! we also went to Baja Fresh before seeing Skyfall - gotta hit the classics :)

  6. oh yay - we can wave to each other over the Atlantic!

  7. thanks! for some reason they're really hard for me to do... I wish I could be more clever about them, but alas :/

  8. thank you! hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving too.

  9. sounds like such a great visit!!!! and this month will fly by!

  10. La Chapstick FanatiqueNovember 25, 2012 at 8:20 PM

    it looks like you had a great time! i hope jon grabbed dots to bring back to his roommates. they are my favorite. well, besides dark chocolate.

  11. they have something similar over there! actually, with the global world (you know what I mean!) what it is, you can get most American foods in England if you're willing to pay out. but I'm with you on the chocolate - he brought back an assortment of kisses for his office!

  12. Love this idea! It looks and sounds like you guys had a wonderful time :) Glad it won't be too long until you see Jon again - the UK must be absolutely magical around Christmas!


  13. Jon's trip over was packed full of goodness! I'm so happy for you that you two got to spend Thanksgiving together :)

  14. It sounds like you two had an amazing time together! I love the little differences between cultures. And to be honest, I didn't know the details to football until last year and still don't know everything!

  15. so happy that you were able to spend the holiday together!


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