Friday, November 23, 2012

Frock Fridays: Black Friday

Oof, dear readers.  After yesterday's 10k - more on that next week! - and then a full Thanksgiving meal, my body wants to divorce me on the grounds of irreconcilable differences.  I completely understand where it's coming from.

But now we're officially onwards and upwards to Christmas!  {av} suggested that we use today to celebrate Black Friday, a classic American holiday.  For those of you abroad who aren't familiar with this festival, let me explain: Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, officially kicks off the Christmas season with the shopping day to end all shopping days in this country.  Stores open their doors at the crack of dawn to accomodate all the consumers chasing the crazy sales - people have died in the crush.

Jon and I will be heading to the mall today, though we'll go later to avoid the insanity of the first wave.  (He can't resist the sales, especially on top of the favorable exchange rate!)  Nothing of the below outfit will be on my shopping list, though, because I already own every piece: this is exactly what I wore last Friday for my final day at the office!  Okay, truth: the dress I wore was Calvin Klein (not Oasis) but was an identical shape, and the necklace - similar but not the same - came off after only a few hours because my hair kept getting caught in the clasp.  But this is me and it's black, and so it seemed appropriate for the theme.

Not so appropriate, now that I have a black dog, is the white coat.  But that's a conversation for another  time...


  1. Go get those sales!! Ugh and his favorable exchange rate is my enemy right now. Saving up in dollars gives me approximately the same exchange rate as monopoly money would!!

  2. oof I know. when I first moved, over, it was $2 to £`1 - killer.

  3. That dress is gorgeous and so versatile. You can't go wrong with the classics :)

  4. LOVE this all.


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