Friday, September 28, 2012

Frock Fridays: Dare to be Only Slightly Different

To: Betsy’s “dear readers”
From: her fashionably inept sister.

Betsy has been on me (in the way that only a bride-to-be knows how) to write a Frock Friday entry for quite some time. My tardiness has been two-fold. One: I just haven’t made the time (how’s that for honesty up front!) and two: writing for an audience not being paid to read my work freaks me out. It’s right up there with surprise parties and blind dates. I’ll punch anyone who plans either for me. Additionally, Betsy and I, shall we say, have slightly different styles and as you are her readers, I’ve also been a bit nervous to put my ideas on her blog.

A little about me: when I find something that is comfortable and fits, chances are I will buy it in 4 colors. Unless forced by The Man to dress appropriately for work (ugh, finance) or attending a cocktail party, put me in athletic clothes any day of the week. If prompted to select my “typical” outfit, friends from college would imagine me in jortz (jean shorts) and a white v-neck tee, regardless of season. I will wear any and all shades of blue, black, white, and gray. Most varieties of yellows, greens, and definitely orange are just not in my color wheel, which my mother definitely agrees with.

At the end of the day, most of this stems from my fear of personal risk taking. I realize this sounds incredibly psychoanalytical and might be an overshare for the Betsy Transatlantically readers, but I know that part of what brings you back to my sister’s blog is her whimsical ability to share any number of intimate details with a larger audience. She is fearless and open, and I would rather jump into a dark hole then voluntarily let people in. I know… I’m working on it.

That being said, I’ve come up with a couple of outfits for today’s post that utilize pieces within my comfort zone but still make me feel a little edgy. The combinations center around the events I plan to attend this fall (ie: Oktobfest at a local brewery, my liberal arts college’s Homecoming, a horserace in New Jersey, and an Ivy League football game). New England fashion, like mine, is fantastically mundane – sorry, I meant “classic.” Therefore, I’ve tried to add some details to spice up the drab and add a little dash of unexpected flavor. Please don’t mock me for feeling trendy and exciting by throwing on an extra bangle or wearing colorful cropped pants – these are big steps for me.


total fall

jewelry, top row from left: watch / earrings
jewelry, middle row from left: bracelet / ring / necklace
jewelry, bottom row from left: bracelet / bracelet / necklace / ring
clothes, left: shirt / vest / pants / sunglasses / boots
clothes, right: jacket / tank / necklace / leggings / boots / bag / bracelet / ring


  1. what KEWT little outfits. I think they are perfect for a new england fall. esp the puppy GIMMME

  2. I love everything about this post! I love your voice, I can definitely tell that you and Betsy are sisters :) Until I started blogging, I never took fashion risks. It wasn't until I bought my pair of coral jeans that I felt like I was stepping out of my box. But I would totally rather be in yoga pants and a t-shirt, trust me... great post!

  3. So cute! I love the sweater thing on the right. Looks so cozy!!!

  4. I don't wear very much color either. For a long time my friends would say "if it isn't white, black or denim, AT isn't wearing it." I've branched out some, but mostly in accessories or a colorful top - I think this mostly stems from my cost-consciousness. Neutrals are just more practical. (yawn, I know.)

  5. Love the boots!!! I'm hosting a Bloomingdale's Gift Card giveaway that ends in 2 days, if you are interested please stop over! Enjoy the weekend! Angie @

  6. Oooh i want that furry vest! So adorable!!

    xoxo, Nicole ReneSimply Savannah

  7. the puppy is the perfect accessory!
    xo the egg out west.

  8. oh man. I know. you just want to cart him to everything! good thing fall weekends are mostly spent outside :)

  9. I forgot to include beige! I wear that, too. Glad I'm not alone!
    - Sarah

  10. sorry, you can't have him. MINE. but also you need to meet Charlemagne.

  11. Wonderful post!! Anyone who knows Betsy's sister know that it wasn't easy for her to admit such personal reflections! Great honestly, great thoughts, great outfits, SR.


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