Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Soft Sunday

This weekend has been somewhat productive, but mostly it's been two days of glorious homebodyness.  It's drizzled on and off since Friday night, Charlie's seemed a bit under the weather, and I've needed to catch up on some life admin, so I'm glad to have had a few convergent excuses to hunker down for a while.  I've also taken the opportunity to trip through some newish corners of the interwebs and thought I might share my finds with you...

- when Pinterest gets overwhelming, I turn to this tumblr for my fix of lovely

- finally caught the font bug, and this guy is teaching me how to use them effectively

- this mantra is my motivation as I consider how I can ensure my continued professional development

- so glad to have discovered this blog, not just because of the amazing recipes but also because of the gorgeous photography and contemplative writing

- my mother recently started sewing again, and I'm going to beg her to make me one of these dresses

- believe it or not, I read this article in hardcopy with all of my electronic devices in another room

- having never "attended" a blog brunch due to time conflicts, I'm delighted that this website is live

- love seeing UK weddings/vendors featured on major websites, so this celebration on the Isle of Skye made me very happy

- now that I've remembered the luxury of a hot bath, I'm going to need to stock up on these treats to keep the bliss flowing

Happy weekend, dear readers - I hope you're pampering yourselves, too, before the work week starts again!


  1. I got lost in some of those links earlier and forgot to comment- thanks! Good stuff here!

    Hope the weekend relaxation was excellent, and I hope Charlie bounces back- it gets awfully quiet and lonely when they're poorly!

  2. Keep us posted about Charlie!!!

  3. Sometimes I pray for rain on the weekend so I have the excuse to stay in and have a weekend like that. It's always more difficult when it's bright and sunny out.

  4. We had rain too and for some reason I really wanted it to be cold outside. Love the bathtub photo and hope that Charlie is back to normal. :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings


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